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004635 St G Pl, 4 (school)

004635 St G Pl, 4 (school)

No 4, St Germans Place, 1875

Probably, No 4 St Germans Place is the oldest surviving property in Kidbrooke and has housed a boys's school since 1823,- 190+ years.

It was built with a Chapel in 1823 and runs as a school by the Revd William Greenlaw. In 1849 it was sold to Jospeh Paul who named the institution The Blackheath Military School, specialising in cramming entrants to the Royal Military College at Woolwich.

From 1863 to 1893 it was the Yverdon House Boarding School for Boys. In 1893, it was given its present name - Christ's College.

It was damaged, though not as severely as the chapel next door during the war.
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