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000673 Blackheath Village, No 15

000673 Blackheath Village, No 15

Alexandra Assembly Rooms (incl Hot Baths), c1910

Built in the mid 1860s, it was in public use until the mid 1920s. Harding's Blackheath Tepid and Swimming Baths were located there, with the main pool 56ft by 20ft. In addition there were several private hot and cold baths and were open from6am to 10pm every day except Sundays. Events held at the Alexandra Assembly, Lecture and Reading Rooms were diverse and it proved a useful central venue for entertainment and also protest meetings. The Blackheath Mendicity Society was run from there - established with the express aim of discouraging professional beggars.

See pp 197-199 in Neil Rhind's "Blackheath Village and Environs, 1790-1990" for more detailed information on Alexandra Hall.
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