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000001 Blackheath Proprietary School

000001 Blackheath Proprietary School

Sketch of Blackheath Proprietary School 1884.

The BPS was a success from the start and the quality of its pupils brought the BPS a level of distinction unparalleled by any public school of its size.

As Neil so eloquently puts it: "Of course, a great number started with advantages: Blackheath was from the beginning an attractive and convenient suburb for the captains of commerce and the military and naval men tied to London by reasons of employment but anxious to raise their families away from the City stink and overcrowding. They tended to be educated men, liberal in outlook and cultured, but with a streak of puritanism. By virtue of hard work and application, coupled with the spur of devotion to God and the Monarchy, they were driven to excel (or try to) in everything they did" (Ch 13, p158)
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