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000102Tranquil Vale, Nos 3-9

000102Tranquil Vale, Nos 3-9

1990s Village Delicatessen, Sisters and Daughters, Blacks of Blackheath,
3-9 Tranquil Vale Spencer Place.

Built in 1in 1845-6 and damaged during the last war in October 1941. Nos 3, 5 and 7 Tranquil Vale remained empty and dilapidated until 1950 when the freehold was acquired by the Blackheath Preservation Trust which restored the buildings.

Notice 2 signs on No. 1-3 - "Tranquil Vale" and above that is "Spencer Place" (see the Introduction to the Gallery for more information).
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Keywords:In Focus, High Quality, 1990s, Tranquil Vale, 3-21, Tranquil Vale, NBR, Unknown Copyright, Clothing, Fancy goods, Delicatessen, Jewellers, Blacks of Blackheath, Stitches and Daughters, Village Deli