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John Julius Angerstein was born in Russia in 1753 and was a successful insurance underwriter. In the early 1770s he leased 42 acres of farmland from Sir Gregory Page for the creation of a small country estate. The Angerstein family built a small mansion which survives under its original name, Woodlands. (The designer was George Gibson, who was also responsible for St Mary's Church, Lewisham and The Stone House in Lewisham Way).
In 1801, he bought the Eastcombe estate from the Crown which included 26 and a half acres of waste - the land bounded between Vanbrugh Park, Vanbugh Terrace, Shooters Hill Road and Stratheden Road which Angerstein ploughed up and fenced.

For more details of the Angerstein encroachment, see Rhind, Blackheath & Environs, Vol 2, pp344-345.
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