David Wilson(non-registered)
Lovely site full of fantastic archive material.

But what about the rest of Blackheath? Blackheath Vale, Duke Humphrey Road, Goffers Road, Hare & Billet etc, to the north of the village all sorely missing.
Rochelle Buglass(non-registered)
My fiance, Matt, and I are sitting at the Hare and Billet, doing some history hunting about Blackheath. Matt is the son of Roy and Liz Lambert. Roy used to frequent the H&B in the early 80s, and Liz was working behind the bar. The rest is history. Would love to know if there is anyone that met Roy or Liz (Liz was on a working holiday from NZ) during that time, or if anyone has any photos of this pub from that era. You have a fantastic resource with this archive. Thank you for your time and effort.
Rochelle & Matt from New Zealand
Lorraine Smith(non-registered)
Great website, looking for info on the Coach and Horse pub in Blackheath Road (now The Graduate) for my mum who grew up there in the 1930's
Amazing photography!
John Fuller(non-registered)
I found your site and excellent archive after discovering Neil Rhind's books about the village where I grew up. We actually lived opposite Neil's residence in the 50's and up to the mid 60's before having to move away to allow renovation of our home. My interest in my home village has been re-kindled by a postcard on ebay with my mother and I walking away from the bus stop outside Sainsbury's!

I have also found the Blackheath Bugle blog but this does not seem to be active any more. Is there a replacement?
Bob Land(non-registered)
Pleased to see that a new batch has been added, but the wartime album has disappeared
Rob Cumming(non-registered)
Great but very hidden site. Particularly love the windmill pictures, as I wrote a book on the subject last year. Delighted to see I got most of the important images plus a few more!
SE3 Forum(non-registered)
This is a great website, that I'm not sure everybody in Blackheath knows about!
Bob Land(non-registered)
Nice photos, thank you for all the effort put in to make these available, eagerly awaiting the next batch.
Philip Bailey(non-registered)
Resident of Blackheath since the early seventies (presently residing in Collins Street). Nice to 'meet' Neil Rhind, at last!
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