Blackheath Society Membership

We hope you enjoy the archive images of Blackheath. All the work on this website is done by unpaid volunteers. If you would like to help us continue in this work, please consider becoming a member of the Society. It costs only  £20.00 per year per household.

To become a member, please send an email with your name, address and contact details to [email protected]

Alternatively, contact us by mail at 

The Secretary, The Blackheath Society

The Old Bakehouse

11 Blackheath Village

London SE3 9LA

Tel 0208 297 1937

About the Blackheath Society

The Blackheath Society was founded in 1937 when Blackheath was under threat from unconstrained development.  It is one of the oldest amenity societies in the U.K. and aims to preserve and enhance the unique quality of Blackheath Village and the surrounding area. 

As the public voice of Blackheath, we speak to the press, and work with local councils, residents, other amenity groups, traders, the police, the Boundary Commission, English Heritage, the Blackheath Joint Working Party and everyone else who can influence the well-being of our area for its continued enjoyment by future generations. If we hadn't spoken up over the years against the ideas, plans and proposals that have been directed towards Blackheath Village, it wouldn't be the place it is today.

The Society is made up entirely of volunteers, with the exception of a secretary who works four half-days a week