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Osborne Place was developed in 1840 as a terrace of 12 shops and forms the junction of the bottom of Montpelier Vale (No 10, Mary's Living & Giving Shop) and ends where presently No 22 Tranquil Vale (Cluttons) stands.

It has remained generally unspoiled to the present day. It fitted so well into the scale and harmony of the Village that, when in 1945 it was severely damaged by the V2 in Blackheath Grove it was skilfully rebuilt, although some of the shop fronts and fittings were replaced in the interests of modern retailing practice.

When built, it comprised 12 matching three-story shops, with a service yard at the rear entered between Nos 11 & 12 (Nos 24 (Startrite) and 22 (Cluttons) Tranquil Vale)
007482 Tranquil Vale, No 43, 1898003240 Montpelier Vale, No 10003241 Montpelier Vale, No 10220083 Birdseye, 8 Montpelier Vale, 1909000205 Montpelier Vale, No 6,4,2,Tranquil Vale No 34007393 Ads&Ephemera2200821 J.H.Taylor, 6 MonV,1909000197 Montpelier Vale, No 6000203 Montpelier Vale, Nos 6, 4, 2, Tranquil Vale Nos 34-32000204 Montpelier Vale, No 4-2,Tranquil Vale, No 34000198 Montpelier Vale, No 4-18000202 Montpelier Vale, Nos 12-4000201 Tranquil Vale, Nos 34-22000200 Tranquil Vale, Nos 34A & 34B000196 Tranquil Vale, Nos 18-30000188 Tranquil Vale, No 24000194 Montpelier Vale, Nos 4, 6, 8, 10, 1910000193 Montpelier Vale, Nos 10, 8, 6, 4, 2003000191 Tranquil Vale, Nos 24-30, 1970s000190 Tranquil Vale, Nos 28-30, 1987

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