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When built in 1863 it was called The Avenue, Bennett Park. The name "The Avenue" was used from 1871. The name Blackheath Grove was imposed after 1945.

Nos 1-12 and 15-22 were completed by 1865 and purchased by Richard Henry Smith, along with the ground opposite on which he built a roller skating rink.

They were intended as superior villas but had small gardens for their size and front rooms too close to the railway line. Consequently they appealed neither to the middle class, nor to artisans as they were too large and expensive to maintain. By the 1920s nearly all had been converted into flats or one-room apartments. The development of the post office in 1911 and the conversion of the old skating rink into industrial premises in 1916 accelerated the process.
000646 Blackheath Grove000649 Blackheath Grove000651a Blackheath Grove000648 Blackheath Grove000651b Blackheath Grove000651c Blackheath Grove206623206624000657 Blackheath Grove,  Nos 13 - 18000653 Blackheath Grove, Nos 8-14008778 Blackheath Grove, 15a000655 Blackheath Grove000635 The Acharnians at Rink Hall000630 Blackheath Grove000652 Blackheath Grove Wyatt House & Nos 5-7000734 Blackheath Village 3-15  Bridge (East)008198 Blackheath Grove, Boundary Stone on Railway Bridge000634 Blackheath Grove000632 Blackheath Grove000636 Blackheath Grove

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