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From 1813 to 1902, the south end of St Germans place was dominated by a large White House called Kidbrooke House with ground extending over 8 acres.

Following its sale in 1902, the meadowlands of the estate were redeveloped, with a new road, Kidbrooke Gardens being cut through from the Heath to Kidbrooke Grove and Liskeard Gardens being developed.

Development of Kidbrooke Gardens was slow, with only one house (now No 22a) being built by 1905. This was subsequently bought by Greenwich Borough Council for a children's home.

No 1 (Sans Souci) was built by 1912, No 7 (Appleton) in 1911, No 3 (The Bungalow) in 1923. Nos 11-27 date from 1922/23.

Development in Liskeard Gardens was faster with most house completed between 1906 and 1912. Nos 31-37 were not built until after the 1939-45 warn and were erected on the garden ground of 11 Kidbrooke Grove (Grove House)
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