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See Chapter 8: "Blackheath Village & Environs"

Beaconsfield Buildings were part of what were known colloquially as the "Blackheath Improvements", one of the out-of-character developments in the Village which included the Barclays Bank site and Highland House towards the Heath.

The development was encouraged by two major institutions - the Post Office and the London & County Bank Ltd.
000408 Lee Rd - Northwards000409 Lee Rd - Northwards000410 Lee Rd - Northwards000412 Lee Rd - Northwards006634  Lee Rd - Southwards000413 Lee Rd - Southwards000414Lee Rd - Northwards000415 Lee Rd - Northwards000416  Lee Rd - Southwards000417  Lee Rd - Northwards000423 Lee Rd, No 5003166 Lee Rd, Nos 1-7000419 Lee Rd, Nos 1, 3, 5000420 Lee Rd, Nos 1 & 3000421 Lee Rd, No 1000422 Lee Rd, No 1000427 Lee Rd, No 1000404 Lee Rd, No 1009026  Lee Rd - Northwards009395 Lee Rd, Nos 1-9 (L-R)

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