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There is evidence that some properties had been erected here as early as 1800 with some further developments in the 1830s. Most of the building in the Tranquil Passage area was for stabling or builders' yards but in 1841 eight dwellings were built. The cottages were poorly built, lacked drainage and water supplies and were liable to flood.

In 1848 a child died of cholera and the medical officer declared the houses unfit for human habitation. By the 1850s, there were 31 properties in what is now Tranquil Passage and Brigade St with perhaps 150 inhabitants. In 1866, the number of dwellings was reduced to 9, all with proper drainage and a water supply.

Except for the the old library building, none of the buildings today is older than the 1870s.

See Chapter 12 - "Blackheath Village & Environs"
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