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See Chapter 9 - "Blackheath Village & Environs"

One of the oldest (although much altered) buildings in the Village. John Rocque's survey of 1741-46 shows a building of roughly the same size as the present building on the present site.

By the 1840s the Crown was a Barclay Perkins pub, selling bottled ales and describing itself as a stout warehouse. It was a staging post for the many horse buses which took Blackheathans to the City each day.

In March 1965 the interior of the building was badly damaged by fire resulting in changes but the outside remained much the same as before the fire.
000278 The Crown Tranquil Vale, Blackheath20404  Tranquil Vale - 1860s20537205332053120534 - Tranquil Vale, Nos 45, 45a & 47008733 Tranquil Vale, The Crown000282 The Crown, 1938-39000279 Greys Oriental Stores, Tranquil Vale000331 The Crown in 2000000332 The Crown Interior000336 Tranquil Vale, c1905000338 The Crown in 1855000339 Sketch of Tranquil Vale, Blackheath000341 Tranquil Vale000342 The Crown Tranquil Vale205312 - Tranquil Vale205311 The Crown205319000790 The Crown & All Saints Hall

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