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Created 8-Feb-18
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Hervey Roasd was created a cup-de-sac when the Rochester Way was refashioned into the A102M. Until the 1960s the name was Hervey Road stretching from Kidbrooke Park Road to Shooters Hill Road.

The sewers for Hervey Road were laid in 1870 when the road was known as Kidbrooke Park Road East and building work was slow. Much of the south side remained grassed agricultural land and later as playing fields.
004846 Herv Rd,106004840 Herv Rd, 24004841 Herv Rd, 24 - 28 (L)004842 Herv Rd, 24 - 28 (L)004843 Herv Rd, South Playing field004844 Herv Rd, 63004845 Herv Rd, 80004847 Eastb Rd, behind 110 SH Rd004848 Eastb Rd, 3 + 5004849 Eastb Rd, 3 + 5007364 RochW, 9

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