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See Chapter 11 in Neil Rhind's "Blackheath Village & Environs, 1790-1990"

The east side of Tranquil Vale can be divided into three distinct section which were developed and redeveloped quite independently of each other.

Nos 36-50 Tranquil Vale - originally a development of shops in 1822 on the garden of the Three Tuns. Rebuilt 1885 in their present form.

Nos 52-56 Tranquil Vale - The Three Tuns, (No 52) its out-houses and stables with the latter rebuilt to form form shop premises. The whole site rebuilt in its present form in 1884-85.

Nos 58-74 - This group was in existence as Tranquil Place by 1802. No 58 was much altered in 1878 and Nos 70-74 rebuilt in 1879-80 as Highland House. The whole terrace was known as Tranquil Place until 1882.
20441 Tranquil Vale in 18502200840TrV, 1909009024 Tranquil Vale, Southwards008767 Tranquil Vale, No 520407 1874000369 Tranquil Vale, from No 70 down000367 Tranquil Vale, No 58+000345 Tranquil Vale, West20443 1860s20453 1910s000349 Tranquil Vale, No 72000379 Tranquil Vale, No 74008760 Tranquil Vale, No 74000382 Tranquil Vale, No 74008761 Tranquil Vale, Nos 72 & 74000378 Tranquil Vale, Nos 74-68000380 Tranquil Vale, No 74204518 2000s000371 Tranquil Vale, Nos 74-58000372 Tranquil Vale, Nos 72-58

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