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Created 29-Aug-20
34 photos

These images were originally scanned at a low resolution in 2011.

They are on the list to be rescanned and thus of higher quality when time permits
000660 Bl Vale Aerial000661 Bl Vale Aerial000662 Bl Vale Talbot Hses000663 Bl Vale All Saints000664 Bl Vale yard000665 Bl Vale000666 Bl Vale000667 Bl Vale All Saints Sch000668 Bl Vale000669 Bl Vale Steps from Heath000757 All Saints School000758 Bl Vale 18000759 5-6 Talbot Houses000760 Goffers House000761 From Goffers House000762 East Mill House000763 The Vicarage000764 Talbot Houses 5-6000765 1-4 Talbot Place000766 Talbot Place 1-2

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