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Created 25-Jul-13
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Law and order has been a constant theme in Blackheath - from the days of Wat Tyler to the On-Blackheath concert concerns.
N1 The Blackheath HatN2 Mr MouldN4 Hearty cudgellingN5 Footpads caughtN6 Joiner stabbed by footpadsN7 Two highwaymenN8 Highwayman caughtN10 Kings messengerN11 shot by highwaymanN12 Eel, highwayman and girlN13 Highwayman capturedN14 Morden College theftN16 Highwayman foiledN19 Mr BullN20 Highwayman capturedN22 Lay page robberyN27 Lord Hamilton robbedN30 Highwayman's activitiesN36 Grey horseN43 Woman murdered on Blackheath

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