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Independents Road is a relatively recent title, deriving from 1960. The ground was steep, dropping sharply towards the retaining wall of the railway but the site was used by two organisations needing large buildings. Both were religious organisations - The Church Army (previously the School for the Sons and Orphans of Missionaries), Blackheath Congregational church and more recently the Society of Friends.

Lawn Terrace which leads from the Village to Lee Terrace at its boundary with The Glebe was originally a footpath on the edge of a field.

In 1831, William Seager built a row of seven two-storey cottages, miniature versions of the "Tea-caddy" houses (Nos 2-20 Shooters Hill Road, close to St German's Place). They were known as "Seagers Cottages" and four have survived - Nos 11, 13, 15 and 17.

In 1863 a terrace of 14 houses was built in 'Lawn Terrace' which grew to 20 houses by 1868.

During the war, Nos 1-3 were demolished and Nos 23 to 30 badly damaged by bomb blast. In 1952 the remaining houses of the original Lawn Terrace were taken down as part of the clearance work for a new municipal estate.

The four surviving Seager cottages were subsequently renumbered Nos 11-17 and are all that remain.
000530 Independents Road, Missionary School000531 Independents Road, Missionary School000532 Indepndents Road, Winchester House000533 Independents Road, Missionary School000534  Independents Road, Missionary School000535 Independents Road, Church Army000536 Independents Road, Church Army000538 Independents Road, Church Army000539 Independents Road, Church Army000540 Independents Road, Church Army000550  Independents Road, Congregational Church000552  Independents Road, Congregational Church000567  Lawn Terrace000566 Lawn Terrace000553  Independents Road, Congregational Church000554  Independents Road, Congregational Church000537 Independents Road, Church Army008227 Independents Road, Congregational Church000541 Independents Road, Church Army, Blackheath Hospital000542 Independents Road, Church Army, Blackheath Hospital

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