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See Chapter 7: Frederick's Place in Neil Rhind's "Blackheath Village & Environs, 1790-1990" for important historical background.

No 16 Barclays Bank; No 18 Cook and Dood Lewis; No 20 McColls

This part of the Village has always been its heart and by the C17th was marked by a footbridge and some form of dwelling. It was the meeting point of a number of important estate and parish boundaries.

John Evelyn's Diary reports that Colonel Thomas Blunt made his own wine from grapes grown in the area "now covered almost exactly by Wemyss Road, Blackheath Grove, the railway line and the ground by and behind Nos 1-13 Blackheath Village" (Neil Rhind)
000177 Tranquil Vale, No 16, 18, 20000175 Tranquil Vale, No 18, 20, 22206152061120472 1870s20473 1880s20474 1885204711 1900s000176 Tranquil Vale, No 20204712 1905204713 1905204718 1990s204710 1896204715 1912000181 Tranquil Vale, No 16-20000183 Tranquil Vale, No 16000179 Tranquil Vale, No 16000178 Tranquil Vale, No 16, 18, 20000173 Tranquil Vale, No 16000172 Tranquil Vale, Nos 18, 20

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