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Many Blackheath residents have been devotees of classical music lectures given by MATTHEW TAYLOR in the Recital Room of Blackheath Concert Halls on Mondays during term time. Matthew has been the composer in residence at the Halls and is a prolific pianist and a fine conductor. He started this class over 20 years ago as an ILEA music appreciation class.

Each term is devoted to a subject. It may be devoted to one composer or a group of composers. Some series have been built around particular types of work such as Beethoven symphonies and more recently Mozart concertos – sometimes a series is built round a particular period such as British Music 1920-1940.

Lectures are from 10 am to midday on a Monday with an interval.

If you would like to read the notes relating to the talks, written by Lionel Lewis, links are provided to Lionel's website at
Schumann MT poster, Sept 2006Schubert-Schumann ProgrammeDvorak poster, Sept 2008Dbvorak at Blackheath_Page_1Schubert M-A poster, June 2009Schubert Programme,20091914-1918,Sept 20091914 -18 ProgrammeV-W Music poster, Jan 2010Vaughan Will HymnsheetMozart. II doc, April 2010Mozart ProgrammeChopin, Sept 2010Chopin Programme, 2010Music-1910-1914Music 1910 -1914 Programme, 2011The String Quartet, April 2011String Quartet Programme, 2011Czech music, Jan 2012Czech Music Programme, 2012

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