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To see details of course available at the Conservatoire, see

For details of old alumni of the School of Art, see Chris Morton's blog at:

There is also a particularly interesting article on the Blackheath School of Art and Art Therapy classes for soldiers wounded in WW1 at the same site.

This gallery features some of the staff and students from the Blackheath School of Art and their work.
Blackheath Art School, 1934Interior of the Blackheath School of Art, 1930sBlackheath School of Art, 1970sCharles FolkardDonald McGill Self PortraitFrancis DoddFred Roe, Frederick MarriottFyffe Christie, Portrait of Eleanor, the Artist’s WifeFyffe Christie, Portrait of the Artist’s Wife, EleanorJoan Eardley at her EaselJoan Eardley in her StudioJohn Edgar Platt at Blackheath School of Art, circa 1934.John Skeaping is pictured with Hepworth in Florence along with his friends Tom Monnington (far left) and his wife Winifred Knights (at the far right).Margaret Seaton (1917-2003) 'The Potter' (Omar Khayyam)Penelope Mary Goodman, Image and text taken from Suffolk painters website (see below for link)Percy Bliss, 1930-39Phyllis Dodd, Portrait of Douglas Percy Bliss, 1963. Glasgow School of Art Archives, item 16 (website).Charles Paine - 1931-40Nora CundellStudio Talk

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