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The history of this part of the village is described in Ch 9. of "Blackheath Village and Environs" written by Neil Rhind.

The present appearance of the west side of Tranquil Vale was established by 1849. Tranquil Vale as a street name was not imposed until 1886 and there were further changes in 1929. Nos 3-21 originally formed Nos 1-9 Spencer Place. The Spencer Place sign can still be seen above the Tranquil Vale sign on No.3 The Village Delicatessen.

The Railway Tavern was No 1 Tranquil Vale in 1885, its use lapsed and the number given to Blackheath Railway Station. In 1975 it was given to Martin House, a new building erected by the Blackheath Preservation Trust on the site of the old Blackheath Literary Institution.

Nos 3-9 Tranquil Vale

Built in 1845 and 1846, they were damaged in the last war. In 1950, the Blackheath Preservation Trust acquired the freehold and restored the building, following as far as sensible, the appearance as shown in old photographs.
000056 Tranquil Vale, No 3, 1852000117 Tranquil Vale, No 3000058 Tranquil Vale, No 3000073  Tranquil Vale, Nos 3-90000573 Tranquil Vale, No 3000068 Tranquil Vale, Nos 3-9000112 Tranquil Vale, Nos 3-9000067 Tranquil Vale, Nos 3-9003580 Tranquil Vale North000102Tranquil Vale, Nos 3-9000116 Tranquil Vale, No 3000111 Tranquil Vale, Nos 3 & 5000118 Tranquil Vale, No 3002377 Tranquil Vale, No 3000008 Tranquil Vale,  No 3 - side20497 C19th000100 Tranquil Vale, Plan of Nos 1-9000066  Tranquil Vale, Nos 5 & 720481 18522200839 5&7 Tranquil Vale, 1908

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